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How to Become a Concrete Care Specialist

Concrete Care Specialist

By Daniel Green

Perfect Concrete Care has worked hard to be Sydney’s preferred supplier for cutting, coring, scanning, patching, grinding, and polishing. It didn’t always come easy but with dedication, strong leadership, and some epic guys out in the field it has grown into the professional outfit you see today. And the guys are epic – I know them all personally!

With more and more construction needing providers like Perfect Concrete Care, we’re often asked how to gain work in this niche but busy industry. Like all things worth pursuing, there is no direct path – otherwise, everyone would be exactly where they want to be already. Where’s the challenge in that!

Start Moving

A hundred years ago we were lucky, there were just simply fewer vocations. But as we’ve grown into a wealthy society, the options for what to do with your life are almost overwhelming! Sometimes we can immobilised by this much choice. If this is the case, then just begin! Simply moving will bring you closer to your goal, even if it feels like you’re moving in the wrong direction. It doesn’t mean that if you want to work for Perfect Concrete Care then go and work in a cafe or start a band. It means to start moving in the general direction of becoming a Perfect concrete care specialist. Google Perfect Concrete Care and see what we do. Read our blog. Check out our pictures. Imagine yourself actually on that job site, cutting that concrete, getting covered in slurry, and having a blast. Does it seem like a good idea? If yes, then great! If it doesn’t, that’s okay – you may be a person who needs to physically experience something before you’re sure.

See What It’s Really Like

Now that you’re moving, your mind will begin to loosen up a little. It’s time to see what working as a concrete care specialist is really like. One of the ways you can do this is to find job sites that have concrete care services in operation, watch them work, and maybe even talk to them once they’ve been knocked off. There are miles of jobs happening all around the place, which means that even if you work during the week, someone somewhere will always be cutting, coring, scanning, patching, grinding, or polishing.

But what if you don’t have time to drive around the whole city looking for construction? Absolutely fair. There’s another method: volunteer. No business ever said no to free labour, ever. And no business owner or manager laughed at anyone asking to spend time with their workforce to see if this is something they enjoy. Ever. We’re not suggesting you go and volunteer for a concrete care provider six days a week for six months – that’s devaluing yourself so you can be taken advantage of. We’re suggesting you work a couple of Saturdays. Maybe a couple of full weekends.

There are a couple of invaluable things that will come of this.
  1. Keenness cannot be drowned. Every person on the planet loves working with people who are keen. And volunteering is keen!
  2. You’ve already caught the eye of the owner/manager. Volunteering is rare and rareness gets attention – the good kind.
  3. You will physically experience the natural ups and downs of the job before you quit your old job! This alone is priceless!
  4. Action breeds good self-esteem. You will feel better about yourself!

When you sit down with the manager or owner [whoever you will be reporting to], be sure to make it clear that this is so you can determine if this is right for you. Be sure to put a time limit on it, say two full weekends. Or the next three Saturdays but you have to finish at 4 pm. Human beings will naturally take whatever you give them, so this just sets some boundaries early on. Some of you are probably thinking that this is selling yourself short but it’s actually the opposite. A few days getting dirty is a small price to pay for a lifetime headed in the wrong direction.

If you have volunteered and do go out with them, maintain an attitude of learning – not of knowing. Remember, you’re new to this. Use your ears and mouth in the 2:1 ratio they were given to you, which means listening twice as much as you speak. Ask lots of questions, and give lots of help. Get involved in all aspects of the job. You’re here to experience it, remember? A good company will accommodate your keenness. A poor company will take advantage of it – but guess what, you now know who and who not to work for! So no loss!

Weigh It Up

With all this information at your disposal, thank the manager/owner and go home and think about it. Contact five people you trust and ask them what they think. Get a sheet of paper and write down the advantages and disadvantages of working as a concrete care specialist. But don’t take too long or you’ll get stuck overthinking things. A few days ought to do it.

If you don’t like the idea of working as a concrete care specialist – good! You’ve just avoided years of heartache working in the wrong profession, and you did it in two weekends! You brought yourself closer to what you do want to do because your mind will have begun forming fresh ideas, ideas that never would have come to you had you not taken this path. This is invaluable! You’ve also begun to teach yourself that having a go is an extremely worthwhile exercise. This develops self-confidence.

If you do like the idea of being a concrete care specialist – also good! Now you know!

Decide That You Want You’re Going To Do It

So you’ve google searched, you’ve volunteered and you like the idea of working as a concrete care specialist! Now’s the time to find employment and you may as well start with Perfect. They’ve done the right thing by you by giving you access to their operation when they didn’t have to – so they’re probably a great outfit to work for.

Sit down with the manager/owner and check if there’s any work – the paid kind. Discuss things like working conditions and pay, the potential for advancement down the line, superannuation, and all those things. It’s best to have these questions prepared in advance.

If they’re not busy enough to employ you full time, ask them if they have weekend work? If they’re still quiet, remember that construction changes in an instant, and they could call you next week. After volunteering, a good manager will do anything to keep you – if you’re a good fit for the business that is.

Except you’re in luck because there is a job at Perfect. Great! Now’s the time to commit. Climb to the top of the dive tower and jump in head first. You may catch a few mouthfuls of water in your lungs but you’ll swim. When you truly commit you always do.

In Conclusion

This method isn’t exhaustive. There are a million ways to cut a slab. The important thing is to get moving and to check in with yourself along the way to see if you are headed in the right direction.

Now get out there and Get It Done!

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