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Turning Your Home Décor into a Work of Art with Concrete

It’s easy to go out and purchase decorations for your home that someone else has created. Its also expensive, no matter what you settle on. One new way of decorating a home in these modern times is to use concrete. When you first think of concrete, you most likely are picturing a floor or a slab of plane drab gray colored hard surface. In today’s home décor, more people are choosing to use concrete for a variety of reasons. How would you incorporate this type of décor into your home? Here are a few suggestions:

In the Kitchen

Because concrete is easier to maintain, placing it in the kitchen is a great way to modernize your overall look and feel to the heart of the home. Countertops done in concrete is not only going to be stationary and last for a very long time, it will also make it possible to change the color and theme of your kitchen anytime you want to. Go from reds to white’s blues or greens. Any shade is easy to change to when you use concrete on your counter. If you have a fireplace in your kitchen, or if you want to add a fireplace, a concrete fireplace is something to consider. Not only is it simple in design, it also allows you so many different options when it comes to adding your personal touch to the finished look. Concrete can be stained, sealed, and polished to create the look and feel of home.

Adding Texture to A Room Starts with Concrete

Concrete has a lot of texture to it in general so it’s easy to get creative and form a pattern of texture that is pleasing to your overall look and feel of that room. You can tell when a surface is made from concrete when you rub your hand over it. You can now order special tools to help you create a pattern in your concrete. These tools are called concrete stampers and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. The stampers are easy to use and you can create a pattern on your floor, wall, or countertop.

Concrete – The New Focal Point in any Room

Every room in your home needs to have a focal point. Because concrete is heavy, it tends to become the focal point of the room. For homeowners willing to try a bold look, concrete is the perfect starting point as it will surely draw the eyes to it when someone enters a room. Try creating a coffee table or an island in your kitchen that is made from concrete. When you walk into your room, it will certainly be the object that everyone wants to talk about.

Concrete Flooring

The floors may not seem like they are important, but they are. Homes that do not pay much attention to the look of the flooring will attract more attention to the floor in the end. There is an effective way that you can transform a floor into a brand-new design, and it doesn’t take much effort on your part; simply paint it. The color you choose can bring together all the creativity you want to put into your room. It can give the room a relaxed feel, a happy feel, or just an ordinary room with a colored floor. How you decorate that room will be the ultimate challenge to make it all come together. Painting concrete allows you to put a little of yourself into the décor and show off your style.

Concrete Walls

When you walk into a room, you want the walls to tie in with the floor, so everything is uniform. If you have too much décor on the walls, it makes the room seem more crowded. Not having enough on the walls will give the room an empty feel to it instead. There is a way to find balance. Using concrete on the walls will give you the freedom to create a unique look and allow you to add texture as well as color to what would normally be a dull white wall. Because concrete can be manipulated to enhance your idea of décor, you can create a room that is appealing to you and who ever enters. You can also change the color of the wall at any time with concrete on the wall.

Accenting your Décor with Concrete

In the kitchen, you can add a back splash made from concrete to bring together a look and feel that you are going for. A back splash can save a lot of grease and oils penetrating onto the wall and not coming off. Once the concrete is up, you can treat it with a gloss that will protect it from grease and oil splashes allowing you the ease of wiping off when you are done.

Lamps with a concrete base is another way to add more to your décor. Lamps with a concrete base can be purchased or you can make them with the right mold.

In the bathroom, you can create a smooth countertop with concrete and finish it with a coating of paint and sealant so it will not absorb the water that splashes on it. The concrete sink will give your bathroom the look and feel you would like. You can also create a concrete bathtub and use special techniques such as grinding and sealing or creaming the concrete to give it a nice smooth finish.

Its important to speak to a concrete professional before beginning any concrete task, especially if you are not used to working with it. Remember, you can create a masterpiece based on your likes and what attracts you to a room. When you feel comfortable in a room, so will your guests.

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