How to use a concrete grinder

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Concrete Grinders have various applications and use cases. They can be used to remove stubborn tile glue or vinyl glue. They can be used to smooth out uneven surfaces in a concrete slab or even grind down a concrete slab to expose aggregate for a unique polished concrete look that is really in right now.

Step 1 – Get to know the Grinder

These are very powerful machines and if not used correctly can be very dangerous. Make sure you read the user manual carefully and understand all of the features and parts of the machine.

In most cases, the manufacturer might even offer a free course on how to correctly operate the machine to ensure you get the best results possible.

Step 2 – Prepare the Grinder

When starting any major concrete grinding works it is always good practice to complete a full check on the machine. Make sure all cables are not damaged and that the extractor vents are clear.

concrete grinding diamond shoes

Step 3 – Use the Correct Diamond Shoes

One of the most integral parts of any concrete floor grinder is the diamond shoe. These are the diamond encrusted metal shoes that attached to the grinder. These shoes are what make contact with the concrete and gradually grind it away.

Types of Diamond Shoes:

  • Floor Polishing Shoes
  • General Purpose Shoes
  • Carbide Shoes

Floor Polishing Shoes

Floor polishing shoes are generally of a high grit ratio and can be used either wet or dry. This means you can wet the concrete surface with a hose to give a smoother finish during the grinding process. These shoes would generally be used to give you that smooth polished look for says the lobby of a hotel or bank. This process generally takes multiple passes and changing the shoes to give you finder grit ratios resulting in a hyper floor polished finish.

General Purpose Shoes

These general-purpose diamond shoes are a great all rounder they are strong enough to remove tough epoxy, vinyl glue, and aggressive concrete removal. They tend to have a #30/1 grit ratio and are generally the most used diamond shoes on the market because of their versatility.

Carbide Shoes

These diamond shoes are coated with very tough carbide, which makes them ideal for those tough jobs where you meet tough epoxy or glue that the general purpose shoes will not move. These shows will east though pretty much anything and make short work of the toughest glue removal jobs.

concrete grinding diamond shoes

Step 4 – Install new shoes each time

It is always best practice to install new diamond shoes each and every time you start a large grinding project. If you use the shoes from the last project then you run the risk of burning them out half way through. Then you will have very different results when you install new shoes half way through a floor grind

tyrolit dust extractors

Step 5 – Dust extraction

During the grinding process the large floor grinders tend to create a massive amount of dust. If you do not want to contaminate other areas of a project then it is a good idea to install Zip-Walls and has big Dust extractors attached directly to the Grinder to extract the control the dust. On say a 1,000m2 project there can be over 1,000kg of dust extracted depending on how much you intend to grind off.

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