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Concrete Cutting – Balmain, Sydney

concrete cutting road sawing balmain sydney

Perfect Concrete Care team members are currently performing Concrete Cutting works for our client Lloyd Group at 73 Beattie St, in Balmain. These works involve the Road Sawing of a concrete floor slab so that it can be removed.

Techniques Used

Our team members are using our Tyrolit CC6560XLS Road Saw to cut a concrete floor slab into smaller pieces so they can be removed from site using an excavator. Firstly our team members established all tools and equipment onto site and setup sand bags along the parmentier to ensure nearby water services were not contaminated by the slurry caused during the road sawing process.

Our team members also used our new Tyrolit Dust and Water Collection System, this allows our team members to safely collect all slurry created by the road saw and the road saw needs a water supply to cool the diamonds on the blade. This Dust and Water Collection system is capable of containing over 80 litres of slurry.

Once the sand bags and water collection system were in place our team member started with the first cuts on the floor slab. The first cut was to determine the thickness of the concrete floor slab. Our team members can tell the thickness of the slab, as the slurry will change to a sand stone colour when the blade hits the sandstone clay under the slab.

After the first cut our team members determined that the slab was roughly 140mm thick so they set the blade guard to 145mm to allow for a smooth clean cut. Our team members had marked out the full 120m2 slab prior to commencing the cutting in 2m square sections. This would allow our team members to perform clean and precise cuts and be manageable enough for the excavator to lift out.

The Result

Our client was very happy with the works carried out and the level of precaution taken to ensure local water services were not contaminated.

  • Client
    Lloyd Group
  • Location
    Balmain, Sydney
  • Duration
    November 2017

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