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Concrete Cutting of a Pre-existing Hob Wall at BMW Rushcutters Bay

concrete cutting rushcutters bay

Perfect Concrete Care team members recently completed extensive Concrete Cutting works for our client Taylor Constructions at BMW Rushcutters Bay.

Techniques Used:

• Concrete Cutting
• Wall Sawing
• Concrete Coring
• Concrete Demo Sawing

This project involved the concrete cutting of a pre-existing hob wall at the back of a new site as there was limited access a large demolition machine was out of the question. Our team members firstly met with our client’s representatives on site to discuss their requirements in detail and access the best methodology to carry out the works in a safe and efficient manner.

Our team members decided that the best option was to use our Tyrolit WSE1217 Wall Saw to make deep horizontal cuts into the slab. Once our team members established all the Wall Saw equipment onto the site they began by installing the rail mount for the saw. They measured and marked out where to installed the Dyna bolts where the rail mounts. Then using our Hilti TE80 Combi-Jackhammer drilled into the slab and installed the Dyna bolts. Once the Dyna bolts were in place they then mounted the rail and installed the wall saw and diamond blade with safety guards.

Once the wall saw was ready to go our team members began making the horizontal cuts into the slab. After the horizontal cuts were made our team members then used our Husqvarna Ring Saws to make vertical cuts into the slab and removed the smaller sections in blocks.

Our team members then used our large Hilti TE1000 and Hilti TE1500 Jackhammers to hammer out the remaining parts of the slab.

The Result:
Our client Taylor Constructions was very happy with the outcome of the works and the professionalism of our team members.

Perfect Concrete Care can carry out any size of Concrete Cutting works you require, give us a call today on 0452 249 273 to discuss further

  • Client
    Taylor Constructions
  • Location
    Rushcutters Bay
  • Duration
    2 WEEKS

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