Concrete Cutting / Coring – Central Station, Sydney

concrete cutting coring central station

Perfect Concrete Care just completed work at Central Train Station, Sydney for DEGNAN Constructions PTY Ltd. This included the concrete cutting of elevator doors to allow for bigger lifts installation and concrete coring in the lift shaft to allow for services to be run.

Concrete Cutting and Coring at Central Station Sydney

Techniques Used:

Our team members first met with the client representative to discuss their requirements and assess the best plan of action to carry out the works. The client in this situation was looking to increase the width of the elevator doors. Our team members decided that our Husqvarna K970 Concrete Ring Saw would be best suited for the task as it allows for a deeper cut than our normal concrete demo saws, we find the Husqvarna K970 easy to use and cuts through anything like butter. It allows us to perform a much cleaner and more accurate cut.

Once all cut lines were marked out by the client and they were happy then our team members began to run a water supply and power supply for our ring saw and slurry vac as the client requested slurry control. This means that the slurry created from the ring saw is vacuumed up by our how power slurry vac and keeps the area clean and tidy.

When our team members had completed all cuts and the client was happy they then moved onto the concrete coring works required. The client needed a 200mm diameter penetration on the top of the elevator shaft on both sides. This was requested by their structural engineer to allow for the installation of a new steel beam, as the current one was not sufficient to hold the new elevator motor.

The client marked both sides of the walls where they wanted concrete core holes to install the beam. Then our team members proceeded to run a water supply and electricity to the area to run the core drill.

We then proceeded to install the core drill stand by first measuring and install dyna bolts to hold the stand in place, as this was a horizontal penetration. Once our dyna bolt was installed both out team members lifted the drill stand into place and attached the drill. When they were happy with the position and how stable the drill stand was they connected the water and proceeded to drill the core hole.

The Result: The client was delighted with the outcome of works and how efficient our team members were.

  • Client
    DEGNAN Constructions
  • Location
    Central Station, Sydney
  • Duration
    February 2017

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