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concrete grinding marrickville

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged by Pallion to perform Concrete Grinding works remove 120m2 of existing paint on warehouse floor, in order for client to proceed to apply an acid proof sealer.


The Challenges

Concrete Grinding Marrickville

Techniques Used:

Techniques Used:

The scope of work involved the grinding of 120m2 of existing paint on a warehouse floor so the client could apply an acid proof sealer.

Firstly our team members established all equipment on site. For this project we used both our HTC 650 Classic Grinder and the smaller 420 HTC at the same time. This allowed the HTC Grinder to complete the first pass while the 420 was coming behind completing the 2nd pass.
Both grinders were attached to our Tyrolit VCE4000 Dust Extractors, this kept dust to a minimum ensuring the area was kept as dust free as possible.

Once our first team member began the first pass our second team member was coming behind them with the smaller HTC 420 Grinder. Then all the small details on the edges was finished off by our Metabo Hand Grinders with the Dust shroud attachment which helps to control the dust created.

Once both passes were complete our team members attached the hover pipes to the dust extractors and vacuumed the remaining dust and ensured the floor was as clean as possible and ready for the sealer to be applied.

The Result: Our client was very happy with the quality of the works and the efficiency of our team members.

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  • Client
  • Location
    Marrickville, Sydney
  • Duration
    June 2017

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