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Concrete Grinding – Oatlands

concrete grinding oatlands

Perfect Concrete Care just completed Concrete Grinding works for our client J & G Knowles & Associates at Oatlands. These works included the concrete grinding of concrete slabs to ensure a smooth surface for our client.

The Challenges

Concrete Grinding at Oatlands

Techniques Used:

  • Concrete Grinding

Techniques Used:

Our team members used our new HTC 420 Grinders to carry out the work involved. Firstly, they spoke with the client to access their requirements and find out exactly what the client was looking for. Then they began by setting up new diamond cup wheels on the grinder. This would ensure a smooth even finish was left by the grinder.

Secondly, the client requested dust control so our team member set up Tyrolit VCE4000 Vacuum to ensure that the dust was under control throughout the duration of the grinding process. Once the vacuum and power to the grinder were established, our team members began straight away grinding out the first pass. As soon as this pass was completed, they used our Hilti VC50 Dry Vac to take up any concrete dust that was left over to keep the area tidy throughout the duration of the works.

Once the concrete was clear again, they began with the second pass with the grinder, this would ensure a smooth clear finish would be left for our client. Once the second pass was complete our team members consulted with the client to ensure they were happy with the work carried out and that they were happy with the level of the surface.

The Result: The client was very happy with how smooth and even the concrete surface came out.

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  • Client
    J & G Knowles & Associates
  • Location
    Oatlands, Sydney
  • Duration
    June 2017

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