Concrete Scanning – Novotel Rockford, Darling Harbour

concrete scanning novotel

Perfect Concrete Care is currently performing Concrete Scanning works for our client Reward Hotel Projects at the Novotel Rockford in Darling Harbour. The extent of these works involved the Concrete Scanning and location of Post Tension Cables throughout the floor slab.

Techniques Used

Our team member firstly met with our client on site and accessed which rooms were to be scanned. The client requested that only the bathroom area of each room was scanned and marked, as this would be the main area they would be installing new services.

Our team members are scanning over 6 levels of rooms in the Novotel for the location of Post Tension Cables throughout the slab. Our client requested this services as they want to core the slab and ensure they do not damage the integrity of the slab they require the location of the Post Tension Cables.

This project is still ongoing, as they require our team members to locate the Post Tension Cables in the entire 6 levels of the hotel.

The Result

The client is very happy with the outcome of the works carried out so far.

  • Client
    Reward Hotel Projects
  • Location
    Novotel Rockford in Darling Harbour
  • Duration
    July 2017

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