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Concrete Scanning at Sydney International Airport

concrete scanning sydney international airport

Our experienced team members at Perfect Concrete Care recently completed Concrete Scanning works for our client EIR Building at Sydney International Airport. The extent of these works involved the concrete scanning and location of live services, post-tension cables, and rebar throughout the slab.

  • Concrete Scanning
  • Live services locating

Techniques Used in Concrete Scanning:

Our team members firstly met with our client on-site to discuss their requirements in depth. They also wanted to talk about location and the areas they would like to be scanned.

Our client requested scanning two locations to locate possible live services, rebar, and post-tension cables within the slab.
Using our Hilti PS-1000 X-Scan system our team members carried out a very thorough scan of the areas. After scanning the areas 3 times our team members located some rebar but no live services in the slab.

The Result

Our client was pleased with the outcome of the work carried out by our team members.

  • Client
    EIR Building
  • Location
    Sydney International Airport
  • Duration
    March 2018

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