Grinding and Polishing Brookevale, North Sydney

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Grinding Project Brookvale

Perfect Concrete Care were contracted to complete Grinding and Polishing of an Industrial Unit at Brookevale. The scope of work consisted the grinding of over 350m2 of concrete including sealing and polishing. This Unit consisted of 250m2 down stairs and 100m2 upstairs.

The Challenges

Before commencing with grinding we consulted with our client as to what type of finish they were looking for. We grinded down a small sample of concrete using the DG150 grinder to expose the concrete aggregate.


One our client was happy with the exposed amount of aggregate we proceeded to setup the large HTC 650E grinder, we applied a new set of Diamond shoes and made sure they were secure. We then did a primary check on the surface, this included using a spray paint to mark out any pins or blemishes in the surface that would disrupt our grinder. We would avoid these on the passes and then go over them with the smaller DG150 later on.

Techniques Adopted:

We inspected both floors of the site before they began grinding so they could identify objects that would damage the grinder or diamond shoes.

Our team members began by setting up the grinder and extraction system to reduce the dust created during the grinding process. To get the concrete exposed down to the required finish this floor required a total of three passes. The scope of work also included the concrete stairs within the unit, these stairs were completed by out hand held Hilti DG150 Diamond Grinder.

The Result: The concrete floor was ground down exposing the concrete stone and sealed to give the floor a lasting protective shine.

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