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Infilling of PT Pans – One Hurstville Plaza

Infilling of PT Pans - Concrete Patching

Perfect Concrete Care is currently undertaking a project for our close client Ganellan. At One Hurstville Plaza we have been asked to assist with the infilling of PT Pans. After the installation of PT Cables in a building, infilling of the pans on either end of the cable is required to protect and lock them in within the slab. 

Ganellan is providing us with the concrete for this job, we are supplying 1 labourer each day to undertake cleaning of all exisiting pans removing any water that may be in the pan or any left over debris that needs to be removed. Once the pans are cleaned out we are able to patch them in with the supplied concrete, then finish them off with some concrete finishing hand tools. When infilling the concrete we have an additional labourer assisting for the pour. 

We are completing on estimate 60-90 per day depending on accessibility. There are multiple levels and areas across the whole project where this service Is required, the duration of this project taking approximately 4 weeks.

Infilling of PT Pans - Ganellan
  • Client
  • Location
    One Hurstville Plaza
  • Duration
    4 weeks

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