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Scanning, Coring & Testing on the roof – Rosebery

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Perfect Concrete Care was contracted to complete Concrete Scanning & Coring on the roof of an apartment block in Rosebery. This project involved coring out five core holes at different points on the roof. It is to measure the density of the concrete. Prior to our team member drilling the core holes, we performed a concrete scan. It was to ensure that there were no services running underneath the slab that we could potentially hit.

The Concrete Coring and Scanning Challenges


By drilling five holes on the roof of an apartment block in Rosebury, we measured the concrete density in the slab.

Techniques Used:

  • removed core samples of concrete from existing building slabs,
  • tested concrete samples for compressive strength in NATA Advedicated testing company, and
  • completed strength reports for client’s use.

Before beginning to drill the core holes, our team member scanned all areas with our Hilti PS-1000 Concrete Scanner. It was to ensure that we would not hit any services running underneath the slab. Our team member spent about an hour scanning the five areas the client had marked out on the roof slab. Once we established that there were no services running underneath the slab, we used our new Hilti TE60 HTC AVR Jackhammer Combi in order to drill holes in preparation for installing our dyna-bolt fixings. So we can level our Husqvarna DMS240 Stand to ensure a precise and accurate core hole. For the coring, the client requested the use of a 63mm diamond core bit as they wanted as small of a bit as possible.

To perform this core drilling, we used the Husqvarna WT15 Water Pump since a supply of water is needed to keep the diamonds on the core bit wet during core drilling, and to avoid them overheating while cutting through the concrete.

The Result:

Each core hole was successfully drilled in preparation of crush-testing for concrete strength.

  • Client
  • Location
    8 Crewe Place, Rosebery
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