Wall sawing works at One Hurstville Plaza

Wall sawing works at One Hurstville Plaza

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged by Ganellan on their project at One Hurstville Plaza, to complete some last minute wall sawing works. We needed to cut open a door way to extend the lift door. Wall Sawing with our Tyrolit wall mounted track saw at a total depth of 300mm x 2.4Lm in total cut. Core holes were required to be drilled at 102mm x 300mm depth, to prevent any over cutting throughout the wall sawing works.

All works were completed in the one day in a timely manner, Perfect Concrete Care has been working on this project for the past 6 months and have built a trusting relationship with the client.

  • Client
  • Location
    One Hurstville Plaza
  • Duration
    1 day

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