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Concrete Cutting – Gladesville Ausgrid Substation

Precise Concrete Cutting Gladesville Ausgrid Substation

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged to complete concrete cutting and coring as part of a major upgrade to Ausgrid Substation in Gladesville. Prior to any works starting all members of the Perfect Concrete Care crew had to complete a 3-day induction for Ausgrid due to the high-risk nature of working in and around the substation’s live areas.

The Concrete Cutting Challenges

As part of the demolition phase, Perfect Concrete Care has to undertake precise concrete cutting, whilst ensuring to maintain the structural integrity of the remaining structure. First of all, the team removed the roof of the substation. It involved high-risk work through working at heights. Asbestos-contaminated materials were on site. They required planned and careful removal of these materials.

After that, chemical installations were on-site. They required planned safe de-installation. They also needed transportation, and disposal, ensuring no harm to the public or environment. The removal of these chemical installations was one section of a major strip out of existing fittings and fixtures. Loading out of the materials involved the operation of an overhead hoist. It makes the process of loading out as efficient as possible.

Finally, the team did detailed excavation in and around the substation live areas. It required the precise operation of plants and equipment. All materials taken off-site were part of a waste management plan organized for this major project.

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