Floor Grinding & Epoxy Removal on Taronga Zoo Wharf

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged by Central Coast Metal Protectives to undertake floor grinding & epoxy removal on Taronga Zoo wharf.

This job happened in 2 stages as one side of the wharf was closed for each stage of the job so the ferry could still operate. Each stage of the grinding taking 2 concrete care operators, 2 days to complete each side.

Zip walls and plastic protection was applied all around the whole wharf, to ensure no dust or waste would get into the waterways. 

Using our Floorex Satellite rotary grinder with Tyrolit dust extractor systems, we removed the existing epoxy slowly by grinding off the membrane with aggressive diamonds on the wharf, preparing it for future trades to re-apply fresh epoxy.

The overall job was a success and Taronga Zoo wharf has a fresh new look!

  • Client
    Central Coast Metal Protectives
  • Location
    Taronga Zoo wharf
  • Duration
    2 days

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