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Concrete Grinding & Polishing, Patching, Chasing in Towradgi

Concrete Grinding & Polishing, Patching, Chasing in Towradgi

By Daniel Green

Throughout history, there have been hundreds – if not thousands – of instances when the chips are down and all hope seems lost. Like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, the 1989 NRL Raiders-Tigers grand final upset, or just about any Indiana Jones movie. And while we’re not suggesting we’re in the same league as those fine heroes. Every once in a while there comes a time when you’re called on to save the day. Or in this case, save the slab.

In May 2020 Hutchinson Builders had been let down by a concrete care subcontractor at their Towradgi project. With handover looming and no solution in sight, Perfect Concrete Care fired up the Hilti gear and got stuck in. With a solid four months of work and only eleven weeks to do it, PCC allocated four operators and two vans full-time. They chased, patched, ground and sealed their way to high vis victory. Some of the more difficult challenges included regrinding and repolishing the entire floor, hand grinding the hundreds of steps, and detail patching [read: invisible].

By the time the last machine was packed up and the final brush washed out, Hutchies were extremely happy with PCC’s work ethic and commitment to the task. The handover was complete as per the original timeline, despite PCC working hobbled due to the ticking clock. And whilst it’s good for business to lend a hand when someone is in dire straits. It is also just the right thing to do. Perfect Concrete Care is proud to have helped a fellow business in need. By doing so, Perfect ensures that we have a strong working relationship moving forward.

  • Client
    Hutchinson Builders
  • Location
    13 Towradgi Road, Towradgi
  • Duration
    4 Months

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