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Concrete Grinding – Seaforth, Sydney

concrete grinding seaforth sydney

Perfect Concrete Care has recently finished Concrete Grinding works for our client DVB Projects in Seaforth Sydney. These works involved the concrete grinding of a steep-sloped driveway for a residential property.

Techniques Used

Our team members recently finished a concrete grinding project for our client DVB Projects in Seaforth, Sydney. The scope of work was to remove waterproofing epoxy paint from the surface and expose the concrete aggregate.

Due to the scale of the project, our team members decided that the best equipment for the project would be our large HTC 650E Classic and HTC 420VS grinders. These grinders worked perfectly for the flat surface at the top of the driveway. But due to the steep slope of the driveway, it was almost impossible to use these grinders as they weight 360kg.

Our team members decided the best grinders for this steep slope were our smaller Tyrolit Edge Grinder and our Floorex Meteor 250 Edge Grinder. Because they are lighter and easier to maneuver on steep slopes.

For dust control, our team members used our Tyrolit VCE 4000 Dust Extraction System. This has sufficient power to control the dust on both edge grinders. It is also good for ensuring that the dust created was kept to a minimum.

The very detailed work right at the garage door required the use of our Hand Grinders with Dust Shroud attachments. This meant that our team members could remove the grate and get right in against the garage door to remove the Waterproofing Expoxy.

The Result

Our client DVB Projects was very happy with the work carried out by our team members.

  • Client
    DVB Projects
  • Location
    Seaforth, Sydney
  • Duration
    September 2017

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