Concrete grinding works in Wetherill Park

Concrete grinding works in Wetherill Park

Perfect Concrete Care was contracted by The Builder Sydney to undertake some concrete grinding works. The objective of these works is to remove all the epoxy paint across the slab 600m2 slab. The remaining 1400m2 to grind was just cleaning up the existing sealant that was on the slab.

Our client needed to get the warehouse back in a small amount of time, due to the capacity of equipment and operators we have we were able to get the works done in a timely manner of one week with our 2 large 3 phase Tyrolit HTC grinders. We had 4 operators working on this project, including 2 operators working of all edging in the warehouse with hand grinders.

We consistently grinded the slab to a finish of 60/80 grit and applied 2 coats of our viroseal over the slab to protect it. Once sealing was dried and complete the warehouse was ready for handover.

  • Client
    The Builder Sydney
  • Location
    445 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park
  • Duration
    1 week

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