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Concrete Wall Sawing – Sydney

Concrete Wall Sawing

Perfect Concrete Care is currently working on a wall sawing project for JP&S Casey Builders PTY Ltd. This involves cutting out windows and doors from the concrete slabs of new development. Some of these slabs are as heavy as 2.5tons. So, there is a big task involved in carefully cutting out these big slabs.

  • Concrete Wall Sawing of 21 windows and doors of new development
  • Safely and Carefully remove the slab using Block and Tackle.

Concrete Wall Sawing – Perfect Concrete Care

The Challenges

Techniques Used:
Our team members set up our Tyrolit Concrete Wall Saw. This involves carefully measuring the slab and drilling out holes to place the Dyna bolts that will hold the rail for the Concrete Wall Saw to run on.

After we established all our equipment on-site, we consulted with the site supervisor to find out which windows/doors needed to be cut out. Our next task was to carefully measure and mark all windows and doors with the supervisor to ensure we were sticking to the plans.

Then, we proceeded to mark out and measure to install our Concrete Wall Saw. This involves installing Dyna bolts in the wall to mount the rail that the wall saw runs on. We carefully marked out each cut line and rail line to ensure that our cut line was perfectly level.

Next, we established a water supply for our Tyrolit Hydro Stress water pump. This Hydro Stress water pump supplies our Concrete Wall Saw with a micro-chip controlled steady water supply to ensure that the diamond blade stays cool under any type of pressure.

We have completed the horizontal and vertical cuts on each window and door. Our next task is to carefully remove the block and lay it down carefully. Due to the weight of these blocks, we are using a 3ton registered block and tackle that we mount on the ceiling slab to carefully lower the blocks onto the ground. This ensures that there is no damage done to the floor slab and that the block is safely lowered.

The Result:

We are currently still working on this project as there are over 24 windows/doors to cut out.

  • Client
    JP&S Casey Builders
  • Location
  • Duration
    November 2016

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