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Our Core drilling experts can also conduct efficient, swift, economical operations in busy areas like highways when medians need to be worked on, or in tight-fit areas like residential apartments, sensitive areas like nuclear/electric power plants, noise-free zones like hospitals/health-care facilities.


Why us
Efficient, swift & economical concrete coring operations

We offer a professional Concrete Coring service to ensure you get your services ran and complete your project on time and budget.

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Use the experts

Concrete Core drilling is an art and takes a lot of experience to master. Our experts have years of coring experience and have the expertise to carry out any size of core you are looking to complete.

The best core drills

We only use the best core drills available on the market, like the Husqvarna DMS 240, which we find both reliable and durable. Which means you can rest assured your core holes will be drilled on time and on budget.

Any size project

Due to our large team of operators we have the capacity to carry out large coring projects and have completed multiple large scale projects in the past.

Most common applications of our concrete coring services

  • Core Drilling
  • Hand Core Drilling
  • Stand Core Drilling
  • Inverted Coring
  • Angled Coring
  • Waste Control
  • Slurry Control
  • Mobile water supply


At Perfect Concrete Care we only use the best equipment

Husqvarna DMS240

  • An ideal system for medium core drilling in walls, floors and roofs up to 250 mm diameter
  • The back support provides reliable and stable angle drilling
  • This system can be used for drilling ventilation and plumbing channels, waste evacuation pipes, barrier and road signs

Husqvarna DM650 Hight Freq

  • The high power output, low weight, and intelligent design makes DM 650 the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications
  • Our most powerful and versatile electric core drill for drilling holes up to 600 mm diameter
  • 18-step adjustable rpm range ensures optimal speed for all drill bit dimensions

WEKA DK32 Core Drill

  • High-performance, air-cooled motor with 3200W
  • The stand is tiltable, and features a convenient carry handle
  • Angle drilling barriers, channels, pipes and cables stitch drilling water evacuation

WEKA DK16 Hand Core Drill

  • Universal wet diamond core drill with a wide drilling range for rig operated and hand-held drilling
  • 3-speed-gear with oil bath lubrication and overload clutch
  • Motor protection and soft start by means of the Intellitronic

TYROLIT Core Drill DME20

  • Extremely robust due to full metal body and 3-gear oil bath gearbox
  • Reliability and endurance based on mechanical and electronic overload cut-out
  • Universal application: hand-held/rig-based and wet/dry

Makinex Hose 2 Go

  • No Pump which means greater reliability
  • No complicated electrics to breakdown
  • A constant pressure water supply unit ideal for as a dust suppression tool and portable water supply

Traxx Slurry Rings

  • Collect all of the slurry generated during any drilling application
  • Standard wet vacuum cleaner and the ring will suck to the wall
  • Available in 5 sizes. WSR100, 150, 200, 350 and 350 mm capacity

Tyrolit VCE2000 Wet Vac

  • Stainless steel body container
  • Flexible hose with adapter for large attachments
  • Waste liquid capacity 80 litres


What size core holes can you drill?

Our core barrels range from as small as 25mm right up to our large 800mm barrels. If you require a larger circumference core to be drilled can arrange them also.

How much do you charge for coring?

It all depends on how wide, deep and how many cores you need. We have a price list on our website that will give you a rough understanding of the cost involved.

Are you certified?

Yes all our operators are certified by the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) and have years of experience carrying out complex core drills for our clients.

Is a water supply necessary for you to core drill?

If you do not have a water supply on site we can provide our Makinex Hose2Go water pump system to supply our core drills with a water supply.

Do you remove the concrete after it is cored?

Usually it is up tot eh client to dispose of the cored concrete. However we can provide a disposal service for our clients for an extra cost.

Is there a lot of slurry created with Concrete Core Drilling?

Yes there is usually quite a lot of concrete slurry created during the core drilling process as to keep the diamonds on our core barrels cool a water supply is needed. We can however provide slurry control solutions for our clients. We use Tyrolit suction pads around our core barrels, which we then attach our powerful slurry vac’s to. This will allow us to control all the slurry created during the coring process.

Can you carry out inverted core holes?

We can provide you with inverted core holes however this will occur extra fee’s as it is a lot harder on our operators and takes a lot longer to setup the core drill and core drill stand.

Do you need power on site?

If you have power available on site this would be beneficial but not necessary. We can provide you with our Makinex Petrol Generator to provide power to our core drills and slurry vac.

Do you offer your services outside of the Sydney Metro Area?

We do carry out projects for our clients outside of the Sydney Metro Area however there are extra travel costs applied, as there is a significant travel time for our operators.

Can we provide Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)?

Yes of course we can provide a full set of S.W.M.S upon request. S.W.M.S are generally required for larger construction sites and we will provide site-specific documents as needed. We are happy to work with safety officers for any special requirements they might have.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

CM3 Certification

CM3 Certification

GreenStar Acreditation

Green Star Certification


CSDAA Membership

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