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Polished concrete not only looks amazing but also is extremely hard wearing surface that enhances the natural appearance of any concrete floor whilst achieving a smooth level film finish.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is an art, not a job. That’s why you need to make sure you engage the best concrete polishing contractors in Sydney and Brisbane. Our professional operators have years of experience in the concrete grinding and polished concrete industry.

Download our new brochure today to see what kind of amazing finishes Perfect Concrete Care can achieve for you. Inside we breakdown the processes involved, the different types of finishes and show you some of the wonderful finishes we have achieved for our clients.

Why choose Perfect Concrete Care?

With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to achieve the polished poncrete finish you desire. We only use the best quality machinery and equipment available on the market to ensure you get the best results possible.

Grind & Seal

There are many misconceptions surrounding polished concrete. Most people think every kind of Concrete floor finish is Polished Concrete. When in fact in the industry there are multiple types of finishes. One of the most common finishes our clients look for is what's called a Grind & Seal. The Grind & Seal finish gives a smooth satin matte finish to the floor and is perfect for those clients that are looking for a rustic industrial finish which is very popular in Cafes and Restaurants right now. The advantages of this finish is cost effective and helps to protect the concrete slab from stains and spillages.

Cream Finish

Cream concrete finish requires the concrete to be well cured, at no less and preferably more than 32 MPA of strength, having being laid very straight with a highly burnished finish. Let's not confuse a cream concrete finish with a polished concrete finish. A cream finish is achieved by not exposing any aggregate and switching from metal bonded diamonds to resin bonded earlier in the process. Being very economical the “cream” finish is the perfect option for industrial areas where extreme floor strength is required. It is also the obvious choice for large commercial areas subject to high traffic.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is more expensive than grind & sealing as there are many more steps and processes involved. With concrete polishing depending on the finish you are looking for it can involve anywhere from 12-18 passes with the Floor Grinders. Changing the Diamond discs and increasing the grit of the diamonds each pass. In between each pass applying the chemical hardener and allowing it to seep and densify into the slab. This is a timely process and the main reason why polished concrete is much more expensive.


At Perfect Concrete Care we only use the best equipment


Polished Concrete involves mechanically polishing a concrete slab using diamond encrusted floor grinding shoes to give the slab a shiny polished look.
A concrete grind and seal is when a concrete floor is ground down and sealed with a sealing chemical. This protects that slab from liquid spillages when can absorb into the slab and can cause permanent stains, which can be very difficult to get out.
Polished concrete is usually carried out by large floor grinding machines that have diamond encrusted cup wheels installed on a spinning disc. These diamonds make contact with the concrete at high speeds and gradually grind down the concrete. There are many different types of Diamond Cup Wheels, which will have various effects. Generally, Cup Wheels are measured in grits. The higher the grit ratio the finer finish it will leave on the concrete. For a more polished effect, a Cup Wheel with a high grit ratio would be used.
  1. One pass with 20grit aggressive diamond shoes. This gets rid of any imperfections in the slab and helps to even it out.
  2. We would then use a quick setting filler to fix all the tiny holes, cracks and imperfections in the slab.
  3. We would then use 40 grit diamond shoes to smooth out the slab further.
  4. Then we apply the concrete densifier and wait about 20 mins for it to seep into the slab.
  5. We then use 80 resin pads to make the slab even smoother.
  6. Then we apply yet another coat of concrete hardener and wait for that to dry.
  7. Then we use 120 grit resin pads to smoothen the slab further.
  8. Apply another layer of concrete hardener.
  9. We then use 240 resin pads shoes and give it another pass.
  10. Apply another coat of hardener.
  11. We then switch to 400 grit resin pads and give it another pass.
  12. Apply another layer of hardener.
  13. Then we use 800 resin pads and perform another pass.
  14. Apply another layer of hardener.
  15. We then use the final 3000 resin pads to give it its final polished finish.Then we use 1500 grit resin pads and give it another pass.
Polished concrete not only looks amazing but also is also extremely hard wearing surface that enhances the natural appearance of any concrete floor whilst achieving a smooth level film finish. When installed, treated and maintained correctly, Polished Concrete can produce a low maintenance allege free floor that improves natural light and is resistant to: wear, dusting, tyre marking, water, industrial chemicals, oils, food stains, greases, hydraulic fluids, fuels, fatty materials, abrasion & heat, can be tinted, improve natural lighting, allege free.
Yes, we can make small repairs; however with a grind and seal to ensure you do not get area’s mismatching we recommend doing an entire new Polished Finish to ensure you get a consistent finish.
Well, it really depends on a number of factors. What is the total square metering of the slab, what type of finish are you looking for? But usually, our polished concrete Floors ranges anywhere from $25m2 - $125m2 depending on various factors like total floor area and the finish required.
Each project is different as no two concrete slabs are identical. It also depends on how many square meters you require to be ground. If it's all one open slab or if it is different rooms. Generally, it would take 2-3 days to Polish a 50m2 Kitchen Floor. If it is a new house build all in separate rooms it would take around 4-5 days. For something larger like a Retail Shop with 4000-5000m2, this would take approximately 24-36 days.

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