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PERFECT CONCRETE CARE are specialist concrete repairs in Sydney & NSW. Our skilled team members are qualified to carry out all kinds of concrete repair services. From patching to crack injection. We can perform many different types of repairs, including concrete wall, concrete floor, concrete driveways, PT Pans.


Why us
No concrete repair job too difficult

At Perfect Concrete Care, we use the most comprehensive and effective methods in repairing concrete. You don’t have to worry even if there is limited space for equipment you can rest assured that at Perfect Concrete Care will get it done. Our skilled operators will make sure your job is done on schedule and to the highest of standards you would expect from a expert contractor.

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Trust the experts

Our operators specialise in concrete repairs. With years of experience in the industry and the expertise to carry out any concrete repairs works your require.

The best equipment

We only use the best equipment the market has to offer like Hilti, Husqvarna and Stihl. This ensures that we can get the job done, on time and on budget.

No project to big

With our large fleet of equipment we can carry out any kind of concrete repairs. So no matter how big the project is we can handle it.

Concrete repair applications

Concrete Patching

When it comes to concrete patching Perfect Concrete Care have years of experience, our team can carry out concrete patching repairs in a wide variety of applications.

Concrete Crack Injection

Perfect Concrete Care also offers a wide range concrete crack injection services. We have years of experience in concrete crack injection and can fix anything from small minor cracks right up to large structural cracks. Our team of professionals are well versed in all types of chemical crack injection methods.

PT Pans

Our skilled team members have years of experience with infilling PT Pans. We have carried out hundreds of PT Pan infilling projects in our time and have the capacity and experience to take on any size of project.

Steel Reinforcement Repairs

Perfect Concrete Care offers steel reinforcement repairs for concrete structures. We have a team of skilled technicians who use the latest techniques and equipment to repair damaged or corroded steel reinforcements. The repair process includes removing the concrete around the damaged steel, cleaning the area, applying anti-corrosive chemicals to the exposed steel to ensure the structure is strong and durable. Perfect Concrete Care uses high-quality materials to ensure the repairs last.

More applications of our services

  • Concrete Patching
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete Crack Injection
  • PT Pan Infilling
  • Steel Reinforcement Repairs
  • Expoxy Crack Injection
  • General Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete Cancer Repairs
  • Joint Repairs
  • Leak Sealing
  • General Concrete Repairs
  • Rendering


When to use Epoxy in Concrete Crack Injection Repairs?

Depending on the specific requirements of the job, crack repair by epoxy injection can restore structural integrity and reduce water penetration through concrete cracks that measure 0.05 mm in with or greater. Another thing to consider is that epoxy resins can have difficulties in setting and developing into the desired strength if there is presence of water unless the epoxy resin is designed to tolerate water during the curing process.

When to use Polyurethane in Concrete Crack Injection Repairs?

Polyurethane resins are excellent to seal wet and leaking cracks and cracks that are non-dormant/active cracks. This repair option is used to stop water leaks and consists of injecting a highly water reactive resin into cracks under pressure. The product reacts rapidly with the water, chasing the water present in the crack and begins to foam and expand, filling the entire crack resulting in a strong bond with the concrete and a flexible waterproof seal preventing future water leaks.

How to Repair Cracked Concrete?

Concrete patching is the best practice for fixing the bigger and wider cracks in concrete. For the patching works, engineers use the concrete patching compound. While using a concrete seal or a particular liquid filler often repaired the smaller cracks, which are no bigger than 1/4 inch.

Why does concrete crack?

Engineers observe that small hairline fractures in concrete can seem over time if the concrete wasn’t correctly closed. These days, concrete sealers may help to maintain the toughness and resistance of the surface a great deal. Engineers believe that without sealing, concrete will be more and more exposed to friction, wear and tear, and outside causes. Greater cracks may occur due to bad drainage system conditions, high thermal issues, seepage, soil settlement issues, or the cracking issues of the foundation. If you have a major issue with concrete crack, particularly if the crack appeared unexpectedly, there is a need to call the best available professional at your earliest.

How does concrete crack repair work?

Experts say that concrete may crack for lots of reasons. First, it is significant to know that the concrete class and the way it is preserved will affect its absorption to cracking. The quality and class of any concrete have a direct effect on the building’s sturdiness and the curing procedure will impact its strength. That is why we believe in utilising the highest class materials and methods for the restoration of concrete cracks.

What is concrete crack injection?

Concrete crack injection is a process of repairing concrete structures by injecting a substance, usually a polymer, into cracks to fill and seal them. This method is used to prevent the spread of cracks, improve the strength of the structure, and prevent water and other elements from penetrating the crack and causing further damage.

What is concrete patching?

Concrete patching is the process of repairing small to medium-sized damaged areas in concrete structures by applying a mixture of cement, aggregate, and other materials to fill the damaged area and match the surrounding concrete surface. The patching material is typically applied in layers until the damaged area is levelled and smoothed with the surrounding surface. This method is used to restore the appearance and strength of concrete structures, and prevent further deterioration and damage.

What is steel reinforcement repairs?

Steel reinforcement repairs refer to the process of repairing damaged or corroded steel reinforcement bars (rebar) in concrete structures. The repair process involves removing the damaged steel, cleaning the area, and replacing the damaged steel with new rebar of the same size and specification. This is done to restore the strength and integrity of the concrete structure, prevent further deterioration, and ensure its continued stability and durability.

How do you Infill PT Pans?

nfilling PT (post-tension) pans involves filling the space between the concrete slab and the PT cables with concrete to provide a solid base and support for the cables.

Can we provide Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)?

Yes of course we can provide a full, S.W.M.S upon request. S.W.M.S are generally required for larger construction sites and we will provide site-specific documents as needed. We are happy to work with safety officers for any special requirements they might have.

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