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PERFECT CONCRETE CARE are specialist concrete cutters in Sydney & NSW. Our skilled operators are qualified to carry out all kinds of concrete cutting services. From road sawing to hand sawing. We can perform many different types of cuts, including concrete wall, brick wall, concrete floor.


Why us
No concrete cutting job too difficult

At Perfect Concrete Care, we use the most comprehensive and effective methods in removing and altering concrete walls. You don’t have to worry even if there is limited space for equipment you can rest assured that at Perfect Concrete Care will get it done. Our skilled operators will make sure your job is done on schedule and to the highest of standards you would expect from a expert contractor.

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Trust the experts

Our operators specialise in concrete cutting. With years of experience in the industry and the expertise to carry out any concrete cutting works your require.

The best equipment

We only use the best equipment the market has to offer like Hilti, Husqvarna and Stihl. This ensures that we can get the job done, on time and on budget.

No project to big

With our larger road and wall saws we can carry out vertical and horizontal cuts through slabs up to 520mm deep. So no matter how big the project is we can handle it.

Concrete cutting applications

Road Sawing

Here at Perfect Concrete Care we offer a range of road cutting services including road, kerb and gutter. We offer road-cutting depths from 25mm right up to 500mm, we use the highest quality of equipment, and we can provide electric or petrol-powered commercial projects and large-scale industrial jobs. Our skilled operators have multiple years of technical experience to make your job as easy as possible.

Hand Sawing

Perfect Concrete Care also offers a wide range of Hand Sawing services including wall, floor, brick wall, ring saw and hydraulic hand wall cut. We use the highest quality of equipment from Husqvarna, Sthil, Hilti and Core Cut.

Wall Sawing

Our skilled operators also have years of experience using our large Tyrolit WSE1217 Concrete Wall Saw which can cut depths up to 520mm deep. This remote controlled, wall mounted saw is capable of cutting precise openings in walls and floors. Our Operators have carried out many large scaled projects, including lift door openings, concrete floor and wall penetrations and door openings.

More applications of our services

  • Floor Cutting
  • Wall Cutting
  • Brick Wall Cutting
  • Demo Sawing
  • Ring Sawing
  • Road Sawing
  • High Frequency Cutting
  • Electric Cutting
  • Slurry Control
  • Dust Control
  • Concrete Chasing
  • Jackhammering

PERFECT CONCRETE CARE use only the best equipment

At Perfect Concrete Care we only use thebest equipment

Tyrolit Floor Grinder 270
Tyrolit HTC 420
Tyrolit 650 E Classic
Floorex Meteor Grinder 250
Floorex Satellite Grinder
Polivac Rotary Sander
Tyrolit VCE4000D
Tyrolit VCE2000D
HILTI Dry Vacuum VC40
Metabo 9" Grinder
Metabo 5" Grinder
HILTI DG150 Grinder


What depths can we cut into concrete at?

This really depends on a number of scenarios, we have a number of different type of concrete saws that all cut to different depths. Everything from the Hilti 14” Electric saw which can cut 120mm right up to our large wall saw which can reach depths of 520mm.

Can you cut other material besides concrete?

Yes of course we use the best quality saws on the market that are capable of cutting through asphalt, sandstone, brick or any other material you need to get through.

Do you perform road sawing?

Yes we have two large road saws, our large Tyrolit CC6560XLS road saw is capable up cutting down to depths of 450mm while our Cut Core CC1800XL can cut down to 230mm.

Is a water supply necessary for you to carry out cuts?

No you do not need to provide a water supply. If you do not have one available we user our Makinex Hose2Go constant pressure water supply pumps to supply the water to our saws.

Why do you need a water supply?

A water supply is needed to carry out concrete cutting to ensure the diamonds on the blades are kept cool and to stop them from overheating.Yes we have two large road saws, our large Tyrolit CC6560XLS road saw is capable up cutting down to depths of 450mm while our Cut Core CC1800XL can cut down to 230mm.

There is a lot of slurry created from concrete cutting is there a way to prevent this?

Unfortunately there is no way of fully stopping the slurry created but we can provide slurry control to you. We use our very powerful Wet Vac’s to suck up all the slurry created and keep it controlled.

Can you carry out horizontal cuts on a wall a concrete saw?

We do not allow our operators to carry out horizontal cuts with our hand held saws as it is very dangerous and we strongly advise against it. We recommend using our remote controlled wall say, which can be mounted on the wall and carry out accurate horizontal cuts of depths up to 520mm deep. This is a much safer method as our operator can control the saw remotely from a safe distance.

Is it noisy?

Unfortunately due to most of our demolition saws being fuel based using petrol engines there is not much we can do about the noise. Also due to the amount of pressure and power needed for saws to cut through concrete there is quite a lot of noise created while cutting. We do however have a couple of options available we can use our hydraulic demo saws is there is a emissions restriction in a confined space. We always do our best to work around noise restrictions or noise exclusion periods with our clients.

Do you offer your services outside of the Sydney Metro Area?

We do carry out projects for our clients outside of the Sydney Metro Area however there are extra travel costs applied, as there is a significant travel time for our operators.

Can we provide Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)?

Yes of course we can provide a full set of S.W.M.S upon request. S.W.M.S are generally required for larger construction sites and we will provide site-specific documents as needed. We are happy to work with safety officers for any special requirements they might have.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

CM3 Certification

CM3 Certification

GreenStar Accreditation

Green Star Certification


CSDAA Membership

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