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Refurbish of concrete slab in Surry Hills

Refurbish of the concrete slab in Surry Hills

Perfect Concrete care was engaged by Fivex, to refurbish the concrete slab to be ready for new tenants to move into. Theres was a total of 450m2 split in two sub levels. The objective of the grind is for one level to be a new estate suitable to be a new restaurant, cafe etc and the other to be an office space.

The concrete slab had a lot of trenches for piping and because of this it made it a lot harder for us to make the final finish flash. We did a heavy grind first using 20/25 diamond shoes to cut into the concrete slab, make is flat and expose the aggregate stones. We used our Tyrolit RX6 floor grinder with attached dust extractors.

Due to offices being above us, we had to adjust our timing to make sure that we were working around their operating times. Due to offices being attended we had to take additional diligence with additional dust extraction methods used on site, using additional vacuums and care.

Concrete repairs were done around the whole job site, including patching of trenches, dents in the concrete, around the columns, over cuts. All with the end objective of repairing any imperfections in the slab prior to grinding our final diamond shoes pass to smooth down the slab.

We finished the grinding process with diamond shoes reaching 60/80 grit. Final stage of the project was applying 2 coats of a clear viro seal penetrating concrete sealer, using this sealer creates a dust proof floor.

This was the second level in this complex we have completed grinding and sealing works for, another success for grinding and a happy client!

  • Client
  • Location
    276 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
  • Duration
    2 Weeks

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