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Concrete Polishing – Leppington

Concrete Polishing Sydney

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged by our prestigious long-term client, Anytime Fitness, to polish 152 square metres of concrete flooring at the brand new Anytime Fitness in Leppington. The scope of work involved removing existing imperfections, grinding and polishing, application of hardener, liquid grout and sealer and, buffering.

The process of polishing concrete involves mechanically polishing concrete surfaces using diamond-encrusted floor grinding shoes or cup-wheels, to the desired degree of shine and smoothness, similar to sanding wood. It is a multi-step process requiring use of the proper tools and equipment to achieve high-quality results. The process is usually carried out by large floor grinding machines that have diamond-encrusted cup wheels installed on a spinning disc. These diamonds are used to grind down concrete surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness. The process gradually progresses from coarser grit to finer grit abrasives to eventually achieve a glossy, mirror-like finish.

There are many different types of diamond cup wheels, which will have various effects. Generally, cup wheels are measured in grits. The higher the grit ratio the finer finish it will leave on the concrete. For a more polished effect, a cup wheel with a high grit ratio is used.

Concrete Polishing Leppington


The Perfect Concrete Care crew began the process with two passes of 20/25 grit to prepare the floor for grinding. This grit level is used to remove imperfections or any existing coatings from the concrete surface. It’s a coarse grit that helps in the initial grinding process to eliminate imperfections.

Grinding and Polishing

After the initial glue removal, they moved on to a finer 60/80 grit to further smooth the surface. Later a pass of finer grit level of 120/140 was used to continue the polishing process, creating a smoother finish. After which the process transitioned to resin pads starting with a pass of 50 grit resin pad. This grit level helps in achieving a polished appearance. This was followed by a pass of 100 grit, further refining the surface and enhancing the shine. Finally, the grinding process was completed with a pass of 200 resin pad grit, a very fine grit level that contributes to the final polished look.

Chemical Treatments

As the next step, our Perfect Concrete Care team applied a densifier/hardener to the concrete floors to increase its strength and durability. The densifier chemically reacts with the concrete surface to create a harder surface.

Then liquid grout was applied to fill in any small imperfections or cracks in the concrete, creating a smoother and more uniform appearance. Later, the surfaces were sealed by applying a coat of concrete sealer, C2 ultra seal. Applying a coat of sealer helps protect the polished concrete from stains, water damage, and wear. It also enhances the shine and makes maintenance easier.


Finally, using a buffer, the concrete floors were buffed to a high gloss finish. This final step helps bring out the full shine of the polished concrete.

This comprehensive process resulted in a beautifully polished, smooth, shiny and protected concrete flooring. Our team ensured a safe, efficient and flawless delivery and our client was greatly satisfied with the quality of work.

  • Client
    Anytime Fitness
  • Location
  • Duration
    7 Days

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