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Precision Wire Sawing – Hornsby

Precision Wire Sawing - Perfect Concrete Care


Perfect Concrete Care, a renowned name in the concrete cutting and drilling industry, recently undertook a challenging project in Hornsby, showcasing our expertise in wire sawing techniques. The task at hand was no ordinary feat — a 21-metre-long retaining wall with an 800mm thickness and standing at an imposing 3 metres in height needed to be expertly sectioned into 7 panels. The ultimate goal was to facilitate the removal of the wall using a 32-ton excavator.

Scope of Work:

Dimensions of the Wall: The retaining wall measured 21 metres in length, 800mm in thickness, and 3 metres in height.

Panelization: The wall had to be precisely cut into 7 panels, each measuring 3 metres by 3 metres, allowing for efficient removal by the 32-ton excavator.

Hornsby Wall Cutting Project

Key Challenges:

  • PFC 200 Piles: Every 2.5 metres along the wall, there were piles with PFC 200, adding complexity to the wire sawing process.
  • Limited Access: The height of the wall posed a challenge as there was no access available through the back of the wall.
  • Uneven Surface: The wall’s uneven surface made it challenging to anchor the wire saw securely.


Precision in PFC 200 Cutting: To overcome the challenge of cutting through PFC 200 piles every 2.5 metres, Perfect Concrete Care executed a fast and precise cutting technique. The wire saw was operated at maximum capacity, ensuring a swift and accurate cut through the challenging material.

Hornsby Retaining Wall Project

Innovative Wire Placement:

With no access available through the back of the wall, the team ingeniously threaded the wire through a core hole, fishing it from the top of the wall back to the motor. This innovative approach ensured seamless wire placement and effective execution.

Surface Trimming:

Given the uneven surface of the retaining wall, significant time was dedicated to trimming and levelling the wall to create a flat and even surface. This meticulous preparation was crucial for securely anchoring the wire saw and achieving precise cuts.


Perfect Concrete Care’s successful completion of the precision wire sawing project in Hornsby demonstrates their commitment to overcoming challenges through innovation and precision. By employing cutting-edge techniques and addressing each obstacle with expertise, the company showcased its ability to handle complex projects with finesse. This case study stands as a testament to Perfect Concrete Care’s capabilities in the concrete cutting industry, solidifying their reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for challenging projects.

Hornsby Project - Perfect Concrete Care


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