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Industrial Grinding – St Marys

Industrial Grinding - St Marys

When our client Miami Pools needed to move and subsequently make good the industrial unit they have occupied for over a decade they came across a major issue. While manufacturing the fibreglass pools they are famous for, the fibreglass residue had dripped down onto the concrete slab and hardened.

This would need to be completely removed before they could hand over the property. That’s when they decided to engage Perfect Concrete Care, the industrial floor experts. Our general manager Rodrigo formulated a plan to utilise our Bobcat scrapper attachment to remove the majority of the fibreglass and then grind the rest back to base with our large Duratiq remote grinders.

Some of the fibreglass was encased more than 150mm-200mm deep on the floor so it proved too much for our Bobcat S70. That’s when we reacted quickly and floated in a 3.5T Kubota excavator to hammer out these large parts of fibreglass. Once the large parts of fibreglass were removed it allowed out Duratiq grinders to come along and grind the remaining fibreglass back to the concrete.

Miami Pools - Grinding

Our client Miami Pools were very pleased with the final finish and even engaged us to carry out some concrete grinding on the walls and carry out some minor concrete patching in areas.

  • Client
    Miami Pools
  • Location
    St Marys
  • Duration
    10 days

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