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Water Ingress Challenges – Killara

Solving Water Ingress Challenges - Perfect Concrete Care

Client Overview

The client, a commercial building owner, faced persistent issues with water ingress in the basement, primarily due to dry cracks in concrete slabs and wet cracks in shotcrete walls. Concerned about the structural integrity of the building and the potential for damage, they sought the expertise of Perfect Concrete Care (PCC) to rectify the situation.


Quantity of Water Ingress Points: The building had numerous locations where water was flowing into the basement, complicating the task of identifying and addressing each point of ingress effectively.

Timeframe: The client required a prompt solution to mitigate the ongoing water ingress issues and prevent further damage to the building’s infrastructure.

Solving Water Ingress Challenges in a Building Basement


Comprehensive Assessment: PCC conducted a thorough inspection of the building’s basement to identify all areas of concern, including both dry cracks in concrete slabs and wet cracks in shotcrete walls.

Polyurethane Injection: Given the presence of flowing water in various locations, PCC employed a strategic approach to address the issue. Utilizing polyurethane (PU) injection, they targeted each point of water ingress, effectively sealing the cracks and preventing further water infiltration.

Precision and Expertise: PCC’s team of skilled technicians executed the PU injection process with precision, ensuring thorough coverage of all cracks and fissures. By leveraging their expertise and advanced equipment, they were able to achieve optimal results within the specified timeframe.

Continuous Monitoring: Following the injection process, PCC implemented a monitoring system to track the effectiveness of the solution over time. This proactive approach allowed them to address any potential issues promptly and provide ongoing support to the client as needed.

Challenges in a Building Basement


By partnering with Perfect Concrete Care, the client successfully mitigated the water ingress issues plaguing their building’s basement. The comprehensive solution provided by PCC not only addressed the existing cracks but also fortified the structure against future water infiltration. With minimal disruption to the client’s operations and a focus on efficiency and quality, PCC delivered results that exceeded expectations.

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    2 months

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