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Industrial Core Drilling – Yennora

Industrial Core Drilling - Yennora - Perfect Concrete Care

Perfect Concrete Care is proud to showcase our ongoing large-scale core drilling and concrete patching project, undertaken for our esteemed client, Project One Group, in Yennora. This project entails the transformation of a vast industrial warehouse to accommodate a new tenant through meticulous make-good processes.

The project’s scope encompasses the meticulous removal of over 11,000 dyna bolts, originally used for the installation of industrial racking. However, the pivotal challenge lies in the sheer volume of core holes requiring drilling and patching within a stringent time frame of just two weeks for stage one.

Recognising the time constraints as a critical factor, Perfect Concrete Care leveraged our innovative mindset to devise a solution that would expedite the coring process. By installing drill stands and dust extractors onto industrially optimised trolleys, we eliminated the need for conventional suction pumps to mount the drill stands onto the slab. This approach significantly accelerated the process, while simultaneously reducing fatigue among our operators while enhancing overall productivity and safety.

As stage one nears completion, we are pleased to report that our operational capacity has been amplified, with a dedicated workforce of seven operators working in seamless collaboration. This synchronised effort has enabled us to achieve our target of coring 6,000 holes during stage one, surpassing expectations within the prescribed time frame.

We have already commenced the drilling of the remaining 5,000 cores for stage two, confidently anticipating its completion within the allocated two-week window. This notable progress is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and adherence to our core values of Positivity, Safety, and Care exemplified by our exceptional team members.

At Perfect Concrete Care, we consistently strive to set new industry benchmarks by fostering a corporate culture that promotes innovation, safety, and productivity. Our commitment to the well-being of our personnel is unyielding, as we continuously seek innovative solutions that not only elevate safety standards but also boost overall productivity. These efforts enable us to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget while maintaining an unwavering focus on safety.

With each successful project completion, we reaffirm our unwavering dedication to our clients, embodying the values of Positivity, Safety, and Care that define our organisation. Perfect Concrete Care stands ready to tackle any challenge, confidently ensuring successful project outcomes while prioritising the well-being of our team members.

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