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Chasing & Jackhammering– 292, King St, Newtown

Estructura PTY Ltd commissioned Perfect Concrete Care to carry out chasing and jackhammering at 292, King Street, Newtown. The objective of the project was to reduce the concrete roof to the required level.

The Chasing and Jackhammering Challenges

commissioned engaged Perfect Concrete Care for this project. It consisted of Chasing and Jackhammering a concrete roof to reduce the required level.

Techniques Adopted:

The chaser was used for Chasing down to the required depth, once achieved the team members were able to Jackhammer the remaining concrete substrate to then allow them to grind down to the Required Level.

As the roof was a confined space with limited access a floor grinder could not be used so our team members used Hilti Diamond Hand Grinders. As the roof was of limited access, Perfect Concrete Care constructed an aluminum scaffold and all team members were required to work with safety harnesses.

The Result:

The concrete roof surface was taken down to the correct height. Besides that, it was completed on time, and within budget with no incidents reported.

  • Client
  • Location
    Newtown, Sydney
  • Duration
    September 2016

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