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Concrete Grind and Seal – Glenhaven

concrete grind and seal glenhaven

Perfect Concrete Care recently finished a concrete grind and seal project for our clients J & G Knowles & Associates in Glenhaven. These works involved the concrete grinding of 2,500m2 of concrete floor slab and sealing afterward.

The Challenges

Concrete Grind and Seal – Glenhaven

Techniques Used:

Techniques Used in concrete grinding and sealing:

The entire scope of work for this project was to concrete grind and seal over 2,500m2 of the concrete slab in a ground-level car park.

Our team members met with our client to gain a better understanding of exactly what the client was looking for. Once our team members were clear on what the client was looking for, they proceeded to unload all our equipment onto the site. Setting up 3phase power for the large HTC 650E Classic and HTC 450VS Grinders and setting up the Tyrolit VCE4000 Dust Extractor as the client requested dust control.

Once all equipment was established on-site, our team members installed brand new diamond cup grinding discs onto bought of the grinders. This allows for a smoother finish and makes the grinding process easier for our operators. It is always a good idea to use fresh discs for a project like this.

Our team members then started the first pass with both of the grinders for the first night of work. Once they completed the first pass, our team members began a clean-up by using the VCE4000 Dust Extractors and vacuuming up all the excess dust.
Due to the size of this project, our team members had to complete it in separate stages. After all, the floor grinding works were carried out, our client had the car parking spaces painted onto the ground concrete surface. Then our team members coated the floor in our high-quality concrete sealer.

The Result:

The client was delighted with the outcome of the work carried out by our team members.

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  • Client
    J & G Knowles & Associates
  • Location
    Glenhaven, Sydney
  • Duration
    September 2017

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