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Concrete Grinding – Bellevue Hill

concrete grinding bellevue hill sydney

Concrete Grinding – Bellevue Hill

Our team members recently finished Concrete Grinding works for our client Richard Crookes Construction at Bellevue Hill. The extent of these works was to grind back high spots of a slab to prepare the slab for floor installation.h

•    Concrete Grinding

•    Concrete Leveling

•    Concrete Scarifying

Techniques Used:

Our team members firstly met with our client’s representative on site to discuss their requirements. Our client had already marked all the areas of the floor that was high and required grinding. Our team members then established all our tools and equipment onto the site.

For this project, we used our smaller HTC 420 Floor Grinder as access was tight and the floor area was not suitable for our larger floor grinders. We also used our Tyrolit Edge Grinders to detail around the edges.

Some parts of this project required up to 15mm off concrete to be ground back. Knowing this would take significant time with our floor grinders we used a Concrete Scarifier so we could remove up to 5mm each pass. This allowed us to hone back the really high areas quickly and then we gave it another pass with our HTC 420 to smooth it out.

This project scope also included the grinding and levelling of some concrete stairs. Our team members using our Hilti Laser Level ground down each step to our clients requirements with our Weka Hand Grinders with Dust Shroud attachment.

The Result: Overall our client was very happy with the outcome of the works and how fast our team members carried out the works.

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  • Client
    Richard Crookes Construction
  • Location
    Bellevue Hill, Sydney
  • Duration
    2 WEEKS

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