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Concrete Polishing 250m2

Concrete Polishing 250m2

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged by JMF Constructions for the refurbishment of the flooring for Fitness First at Campbelltown Mall.

Firstly we removed all the existing vinyl glue that was existing from the floor preparation/ removal of vinyl tiles.

The equipment Perfect Concrete Care used to carry out these concrete polishing works was one of our largest grinders the HTC 650 HDX 3 phase variable speed 18 feet floor grinder along with a Makita 5” hand grinder for detailing and edging works.

To start the grinding process we completed 2 passes over the slab with 20/25 low grit coarse diamond shoes. This is to cut into the concrete slab to expose the aggregate and achieve full aggregate exposure.

An additional 2 passes were then required in Concrete Polishing. One at 60/80 grit and another at 100/120 grit, these were with higher grit diamond shoes to smooth/even down the slab in preparation for the polishing process.

Now that all the diamond grinding is completed, we worked out way up from 50 grit – 100 grit – 200 grit with resin/diamond bonded polishing pads. Completing one pass over the slab with each grit stage. In between each pass, we applied our C2 hardener, which is a concrete densifier to harden and dustproof the slab.

Once the slab has reached the full 200 grit finish with the combination of diamond and resin pad passes, densifying and hardening. It’s time to seal. We applied 2 coats of our C2 ultra seal which provided a semi-gloss finish.

The final stage of this job is one pass with our poly vac. This is used to buff up the slab with a diamond polishing/buffing pad.

We were able to complete all stages of this concrete polishing project in 6 business days.

  • Client
    JMF Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Location
    Campbelltown Mall
  • Duration
    7 business days

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