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Concrete Cutting – Pitt St, Sydney

concrete cutting sydney

Perfect Concrete Care just started Concrete Cutting works for our client Liftronic at Westend Backpackers in Sydney. These works included the Concrete Cutting of the lift doorways to make them wider to allow for a bigger lift installation.

The Challenges

Concrete Cutting Sydney
  • Concrete Cutting of lift opening on 13 levels
  • Jackhammering and removal of waste and rubble
Techniques Used in Concrete Cutting:

We required our most experienced team members to work on this concrete cutting project for our client. As we need various tickets to carry out the work including working at heights and in confined spaces. The team carried out all works on a temporary lift platform inside the lift shaft.

All levels were cordoned off to ensure the safety of the public while all works were being carried out. As this was still alive Westend Backpackers site needed to be still operational while lift works were being carried out.

Our team members began working from ground level and working their way up. Each doorway needed both vertically and horizontally cut. For this project, our team members used the Husqvarna K3000 Electric Demo Saw as it was in confined space fumes would be an issue from a petrol demo saw.

The Husqvarna K3000 electric demo saw allows for the same power and depth of cut but the added advantage of being able to be used indoors in confined areas where there is not a lot of ventilation. Once the cuts were made on the walls, then our other team members used our Hilti TE1000 Jackhammer to hammer out the excess concrete. Using the demo saw allows for achieving a smooth and clean finish.

First, the wall was cut and hammered out. Then, our team members removed all the waste and rubble via hand bins to our bin trolley on the ground level for easy extraction. This meant that they could continue working on cutting and jackhammering. Then they could remove all waste in rubble in one go when the project was complete.

The Result:

The client was happy with the outcome of the work. They found it convenient that our team members had all the necessary tickets required to carry out the work.

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  • Client
  • Location
    Pitt St, Sydney
  • Duration
    May 2017

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