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Concrete Scanning – Patterson Building Group

concrete scanning patterson building group

Perfect Concrete Care was engaged by our client Patterson Building Group to perform Concrete Scanning works at UNSW Global. The extent of these works involved the Concrete Scanning of a slab for reinforcements and live services.

The Challenges

Concrete Scanning – UNSW Global

Techniques Used:

Techniques Used:

The scope of work for this project was to scan twelve separate locations for reinforcements and live services within the concrete slab.

Our team members firstly met with our client to establish where to carry out the work and what kind of result the client was looking for. Once our team members understood the client’s needs then they began setting up all the equipment on site.

For this particular project, our team members assessed that the best scanner to use for the job would be our Hilti PS-1000 X-Scan which can scan for embedded metal, non-metal objects, live wire, and post tension cables up to depths of 400mm.

Our client requested our team members to scan for live electrical cables and reinforcements throughout the slab. From the twelve locations scanned there were multiple post tension cables located and marked by our team member with spray. In one of the locations, there was a live electrical cable located. Our client was informed of everything that was located. A detailed report was emailed to them once our team members loaded all the data into our system.

The Result:

Our client was very happy with the accuracy of the scanning works carried out. They were also happy with how efficient our team member was.

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  • Client
    Patterson Building Group
  • Location
    UNSW Global
  • Duration
    July 2017

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